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There is no negative effect or complication for the person in the future.

It is an operation carried out under a local anesthesia. The patient is awake all operation long. Hair plantation has a few phases.In the first phase, the hair grafts are taken.It has different ways. This forms the different hair plantation methods. In the second phase, the canals that the hair follicles to be placed are opened.In the last phase, the hair grafts are placen in these canals.

There are two main hair plantation methods in the world.

FUE Method ; it is the method of follicule unit extraction (FUE) that the hair is taken from the nape(back of the head) without removing a hair line and stitching ups.By using a specially-designed tool, the hair follicules are removed from the back of head or other suitable parts of the body ( back,shoulders,chest etc). The areas that the hair follicules are taken recover in a few days.So, the person can have a hair plantation operation without scars or sticth marks on his nape (back of the head).

FUT Method; it is the advanced method of minigraft and micrograft technique of follicule unit transplantation. After the hair line is taken from the nape, this area is stiched. The hair line is categorized into 1 to 4 grafts which is called hair follicule units under the microscope. The follicule units are replaced into the canals which are opened on the hairy skin with special equipment. As it is an old technique and the rate of success is low, it is no longer in use.

Thanks to improvement of hair plantation methods, the planted hairs look so natural. The dark era of the Follicule unit transplantation ,which planted hair looked unnatural , is over now.

Two days after the plantation, special washing of the head starts. This continues for 15 days.After that, the person can wash his head as he wishes. It dosen't require a special care or treatment after the plantation.

After the operation, the patient can travel by land or air on the same day.

Wearing a hat, the patient can start his job one day later.If he is allowed at his work, the patient is advised to wear a hat until the scabs fall.

No,it doesn't .Most of the patients leave the city in a few days. But it is preferred to see the patients on the third day. And no extra fee is demanded for these controls.

As local aneshesia is applied during the operation, no pain is felt. And the effect of the local anesthesia disappear a day later, so no need to use pain-killers.

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